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High demand aging occupations Saskatchewan comprehensive source of information concerning high demand occupations in Saskatchewan, Canada

High Demand Aging Occupations Saskatchewan Canada

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Average  Annual  Income

Percent  of  Workforce over 45

 Farmers and Farm Managers8251$20,61866.0%
 School Principals  0313$54,28259.9%
 Real Estate Agents  6232$31,64959.6%
 University Professors   4121$66,06256.5%
 Property Administrators  1224$30,88953.0%
 Ministers of Religion4154$27,20049.6%
 Taxi and Limousine Drivers 7413$20,03049.2%
 Visiting Homemakers6471$16,99048.4%
 Bus Drivers and Subway and  Other Transit Operators7412$24,19648.4%
 Security Guards 6651$22,94446.4%



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