Client Portal

Welcome to the Canada immigration Client Portal, where we provide you with valuable online processing tools. Your use of these resources will enable us to process your Canadian immigration application quickly and accurately. To protect confidentiality and privacy, a password is required to navigate this sector. Individual passwords are issued only to clients who have agreed to retain our legal services.The aim of the Client Portal is to maximize the advantages of the Internet throughout the immigration and visa process. The benefits include virtually instantaneous delivery of all necessary materials to you, and constant real-time access by you alone to your file.Some of the available features and procedures that will facilitate the processing of your immigration application are summarized below.
Our "Track-it!" system is the most advanced and comprehensive online tracking system available to prospective Canadian immigrants. Use the "Track-it!" online system to constantly monitor the progress of your file right up to visa issuance. Obtain updated information at any time, and from anywhere in the world where you have access to the World Wide Web.