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Canada immigration guide and free assessment of eligibility comprehensive source of information concerning immigration and employment in Canada

Canada Immigration Guide and Free Assessment of Eligibility

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Ambrose, Pinsky is pleased to provide you with a professional assessment of your chances for successful immigration to Canada. The eligible applicants must meet certain selection criteria, therefore, we encourage you to read relevant chapters of this site to determine which program is best suited to your situation. You may be assessed for the Independent (Skilled Worker) Class, the Business Class, the Family Class, or for Temporary Employment Authorization.  Please select  from the following:  


Independent Class (Skilled Worker) Assessment

This class of immigration is applicable to the persons who have education and training in one of the occupations listed on General Occupations List, or have pre arranged employment in Canada. 

Business Class Assessment

Canada is looking for successful business persons with funds to invest and experience in running a business. Different selection criteria apply to investors, entrepreneurs and self employed immigrants.

Family Class Assessment

Family class immigrants are sponsored, and supported financially, by immediate family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Canada.

Temporary Employment Assessment

This application for temporary authorization to work in Canada is for persons with pre arranged employment, or with business interests in Canada.



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