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Business Class Program Objectives


Canada's Business Immigration Program seeks to promote economic development and employment by attracting successful business people who have abilities and resources to invest or establish businesses in Canada.  The program also seeks to develop new commercial opportunities and to improve access to growing foreign markets by "importing" people who are familiar with those markets and their special requirements and customs. The federal, provincial and territorial governments encourage prospective business immigrants to invest in Canada. Over the years, thousands of foreign business people have found Canada to be an excellent place to invest capital and to apply their particular business know how to Canadian ventures.   Business immigrants, who represent nearly 10% of total immigrants, include investors, entrepreneurs and self employed immigrants. Selection criteria vary for each category.


The Business Class Immigrants submit their applications for Permanent Resident Visa at a Business Immigration Centres, located in the following dedicated Embassies or High Commission Offices:


Beijing, China

Hong Kong

London, United Kingdom

Paris, France

Bonn, Germany

Seoul, South Korea,

Singapore, Singapore

Damascus, Syria

Buffalo, USA




Changes have been introduced to improve the Business Immigration Program and to enhance the potential economic contribution of the business immigrants to Canada. Improved selection criteria place greater emphasis on Entrepreneurs and Investors with a strong business background and the ability to integrate into the Canada's business community.

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The Entrepreneur program was developed to encourage the entry of experienced business persons to Canada who are able to make a substantial investment and thereby create employment and contribute to the economic well being of Canada.


Self Employed

The applicant must show that he/she has been able to support himself and family through his talents and would be likely to continue to do so in Canada. This includes the ability to be self supporting until his employment opportunity will be created.   


Business Class Assessment Form

If you intend to apply for immigration to Canada in the Business Class, completion of this form will be important in determining your eligibility.