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Canada eTA Visa

Information about the Canada eTA Visa

Processing Time

Please note that approval is not given immediately. Applications are usually processed within 24 hours. However, please allow up to three working days to process. You will be advised by email as soon as your application has been processed.You will receive initial confirmation, and then a final approval from a Canada visa officer approximately three working days after.  You will be advised by email by us at each step.Please ensure that you apply for your eTA to Canada at least 14 days before your intended date of travel.

Approval Process

If approved, your visa confirmation will be delivered by email. If you do not receive an email within 72 hours, please ensure that your email has not been marked as spam.

Printed Confirmation

It is recommended that you print your visa approval for presentation to Border Control upon your arrival in Canada.

Un-Approved Applications

In the unlikely event that your application is not approved, you will be required to contact the nearest embassy of the Canada .  We will advise and assist if this is the case and you will receive a full refund. 

Conditions of the eTA to Canada.

The eTA is an electronic travel authority visa for visitors to Canada. The eTA program supersedes the need for a paper visa or stamp in your passport prior to your arrival into Canada.Your eTA will be electronically linked to your passport number when you present your passport to the immigration control officer upon arrival in Canada.You are not required to carry any printed notifications of eTA status.
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The Canada eTA is a multiple entry visa valid for five years from the date of issue, or until the end of your passport.
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If you obtain or renew your passport, you will require a new eTA.

Each traveller must have their own eTA.

Visa Stay Conditions

The eTA allows you to remain in Canada for up to ninety (90) days from the date you enter the country.

Application Requirements

You will need the following to successfully apply for an eTA to Canada.
  • passport from a valid country with at least six (6) months validity at time of entry to Canada.
  • A valid credit or debit card (Visa  or MasterCard).
  • Sufficient funds to care for yourself and any dependents while visiting Canada and to depart at the end of your stay.

Valid Passport Holders

Holders of passports from all Canada visa-exempt countries listed below are required to apply for an eTA, with the exception of:ETA Not-Required Passport Holders
  • United States of America
  • Please note that American Green Card holders will require an eTA.
  • Holders of Canadian permanent residency or another valid Canadian visa type.

Agency Services

For Tourist eTAs

By applying through our website, your application will be assessed, lodged and managed by our experienced visa agents. This will improve its chances of success and eventual issuing.
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Your application will begin within one working day once payment is made.  Our Process consists of:
  • Application data check to ensure all details are correct and likely to be accepted by the Canada Ministry of Immigration.
  • Client communication and liaison where data needs to be amended, corrected or otherwise clarified. (In approximately 12% of cases).
  • Application lodged with the Ministry of Immigration.
  • Application status monitoring.
  • Liaison with the Ministry of Immigration where more information or clarification is required. (In approximately 20% of cases.)
  • Liaison with the Ministry of Immigration where the application is lost, missing or no further information is given. (In approximately 8% of cases.)
  • Application approval and subsequent client notification.
  • Liaison with the Ministry of Immigration to approve an application when it has been initially refused, and/or automatic re-application.
  • Postponement of applications made too early in order to maximize visa validity.
  • If required, we will undertake a paper-based application on your behalf with the relevant Ministry of Immigration and Population overseas mission.
Approximately 90% of visa applications are processed, approved and issued within three days.  However, should any application issues arise our visa agents have experience and language skills to solve any application problem which may arise.Our fee for our service is $39.00  USD per application made, in addition to the underlying Ministry of Immigration and Population fee of $5.5 UD ($7.00 CAD).
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You will also receive an entitlement to email and telephone support should you have any questions – something that the Ministry does not offer directly.
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In addition to the services above, we also offer:
  • Multi-lingual support staff.
  • 24-hour visa information and question answering service from trained visa agents.
  • Free re-processing in the event of an error.
  • Refund if visa is refused for any reason.
  • Superior up-time to the Ministry of Immigration and Population processing site
  • Visa agency services to represent your interests should your application be referred or refused.
  • Automatic postponement service if your travel date is too far in the future.
  • EU Data Protection Act compliance.
  • Clear visa application forms with annotation where required.
  • Application corrections and error checks by visa agency staff.

For Business and Working Visas

Upon completion of our on line assessment, one of our agents will contact you within six working days to discuss your application case and if we are able to assist.There is no set fee for our servers, and any initial consultation is free of charge.  However, should you choose us to undertake any visa application on your behalf, a fee may apply.Services are inclusive of all the above.Although fees vary, a typical business visa application will cost approximately $300 USD in addition to Cambodian Government fees.