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There are so many traps in Canadian immigration procedure and the following period of settlement in Canada too easily fallen into that are either too subtle to be taken seriously or too hidden to be seen. Any applicant truly desiring to achieve the highest possible probability of success on his/her own will need to have:

  • an abundance of disposable income;

  • a highly flexible schedule;

  • trustworthy contacts with specific skills in English language, North American culture and superb networking capabilities.

The stakes are high.  Immigrating to Canada is too serious a decision to come down to a question of money.  Our fees should not be the biggest issue for you.  First consider whether we offer you the best chance for success and the best representation.  Some clients reduce the issue down to money because they don’t know what is most important for their success.   They do not understand that an applicant whose application was rejected most likely will never prove that rejection was a mistake.  He or she may apply again but the new application will be stained by prior refusal.  Denials are more likely the second time around.  Appeals of denials are expensive and can take years.  We prefer to prevent problems, not fix them.  We are proactive, not reactive.  Fixing a problem is expensive, difficult and often impossible.   Cutting corners stimulates higher fees in the long run.  Our goal is to do it right the first time, even if we have to work harder, because the stakes are high.

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When you retain our services, you are contracting for our time, experience, and breadth of professional expertise. Our general policy is to charge for the time we spend providing you with the services you require.  We will respond to your needs promptly and efficiently.  We review our billing policies with all of our potential clients during or prior to the first contact.  We encourage clients to bring up any questions about fees, invoices, or expenses, at any time.  In most cases, we require a retainer for every new matter.  A retainer is a form of deposit.  It is placed into our trust account, in your name, and used as a credit that, in most cases, is applied to your final account. The amount of the retainer depends on the specifics of your situation.  As your file progresses, we incur disbursements out of pocket expenses on your behalf. These can include registration or filing fees, fees for experts’ reports, photocopying charges, long distance telephone charges, special postage or courier fees, parking, and transportation costs. You are not charged for regular postage or local faxes.  If we are required to travel out of town on your behalf, you will also be charged travelling and accommodation costs.


Sometimes particularly for more routine work we can accurately estimate how much time will be involved in a matter. In this case, we may be able to quote you a fixed fee.




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