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A fiance(e) must satisfy a visa officer of the following:

  • intention to reside together permanently with the sponsor after being married;

  • that he or she has not become engaged primarily for the purpose of gaining admission to Canada as a member of the family class; and

  • that the parties will marry each other within 90 days after the admission of the sponsored fiance(e) to Canada.

The Case Processing Centre in Mississauga will require a copy of the marriage certificate within 180 days of the marriage.


If the sponsored fiance(e)  is unable to convince the visa officer that the engagement is bona fide, that is entered into primarily for love, the visa officer will refuse to issue the sponsored fiance(e) an immigrant visa.  The bona fides of the sponsorship of a fiance(e) are more likely to be scrutinized than in a spousal sponsorship.  This is because evidence of a wedding ceremony is not available to engaged parties to prove the bona fide of the relationship.


The engaged couple should keep documented proof that the relationship is bona fide.  Examples of evidence in support of the bona fides of the relationship are correspondence, telephone bills, invitations, etc.  Details of an arranged marriage should be provided.


Unlike spousal sponsorships, the sponsor of a fiance(e) must meet the Low Income Cut Off Requirements. Also, unlike spousal sponsorships, a fiance(e) must submit an application for permanent residency to an overseas visa office.

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