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Intranet An intranet has been created for the purpose of sharing information within the Law Office. This guides staff at the firm to follow the exact, prescribed procedures and enables any changes to be shared immediately. Document control is one of the features of the intranet it ensures consistency and the immediate availability of updated materials.

Case Management System On realizing that off the shelf immigration software was not sufficient for our purposes, we have adapted existing software to serve our needs. We are currently working on a state of the art case/data management system which will expedite case processing, improve efficiency, and keep everyone concerned connected and updated. is a custom based software, built from the ground up, enables our Law Office to work with people and on cases the way we want to rather than being dictated in our procedures by commercially marketed software. It will provide the client with real time data 24hours a day and 7 days a week. There will be a personal home page for each client with online status reports accessible from a web browser, anywhere in the world.

Document Assembly The Law Office uses industry strength document assembly software, helping to expedite the production of routine documents and reducing the potential for typing errors. This automation frees our trained professionals to devote their attention to the nuances of a case, rather than to the routine.

Miscellaneous Our Law Office uses state of the art equipment whether it is our phone system, digital copiers, network printers, fax machines, scanners, speed dialers, or online package/mail tracking systems. We do not cut corners because our clients deserve the best.

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