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High demand occupations Manitoba comprehensive source of information concerning high demand occupations in Manitoba, Canada

High Demand Occupations Manitoba Canada

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This page identifies occupations and skills that are currently in high demand in Manitoba, and are expected to be in high demand over the next two years.

  • High Demand Occupations are those that employers are likely to have difficulties in filing. These usually involve a lengthy training period, which prevents rapid adjustment of supply to demand and results in a shortage in extreme situations 

  • Occupations are listed by National Occupational Classification Code (NOC).

  • High Demand Skills are required in several occupations. 

  • Aboriginal Communities and reserves in Manitoba require several occupations and skills specific to Aboriginal communities.

  • Occupations With Active Recruitment in the last year have a large number of vacancies. Generally there is a large supply of qualified persons. In most cases, these occupations require a short training period.

Wage rate information is taken from the 1996 Census by Statistics Canada and other sources. It reflects wages that the average job seeker could expect. Wages could, however, vary considerably in some occupations depending on experience, location, non wage benefits and other factors.


Unforeseen developments, such as significant changes in interest rates, or adjustments in the value of the Canadian dollar, could significantly alter labor market conditions, even over the short term. The high demand occupation list and comments are usually updated on an annual basis or more frequently if warranted.

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