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The following skills are required in a wide range of occupations in addition to those that are primary for that specific occupation. Demand for these skills is often met by upgrading the skills of existing employees, but individuals who are being hired may also be required to have them.


General Written and Oral Communication Skills Ability to listen, speak and write, in order to transmit or receive information clearly.
Mathematical and Analytical Problem Solving Ability to apply basic mathematics to the job, recognize and define problems, design and implement solutions and evaluate results. 
Group Effectiveness Interpersonal, Negotiation and Teamwork Skills Ability to work on a team for the purpose of problem solving, innovation and process improvement.
Time Management Ability to schedule and priories work for self and others and to use time efficiently.
Presentation Skills Ability to organize information and communicate through public presentations.
Supervisory Skills Ability to assign and co ordinate projects, ensure that work is done on time and to quality requirements, and resolve subordinates complaints.
Small Business Management Ability to operate a small business, with skills ranging from financial management, staff supervision and bookkeeping to production management, sales and distribution.
Telephone Skills Ability to sell products and respond to customer needs cheerfully and professionally on the phone.  Excellent verbal communication skills.
General Computer Skills Ability to use various microcomputer applications and programs such as spreadsheets, data bases, word processing and various operating systems. Keyboarding skill
Computer Programming Skills Programming skills in Visual Basic, C, C++ combined with data base design, systems design and project management skills.
Internet Web Page Design Skills Technical knowledge in designing web sites using HTML, Java and CGI. Some graphic design and publishing experience is a bonus as well.

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Internet Use Skills Ability to use the internet for research and communication purposes.
Network Development and Management Skills Ability to plan, create and implement a variety of network types, such as LAN's, Wide Area Networks, Intranets, Secure Internets, etc. for individual offices and international companies with offices world wide.
Computer Assisted Drafting/Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Applications Ability to use computer applications in the design of products and in the set up of tools to facilitate efficient production.
Quality Assurance Ability to apply statistical formulas to assess production performance, set standards for output, and establish inspection programs. Knowledge of international standards such as ISO 9000. Ability to use Co ordinated Measuring Machines (CMM).
Inventory Management Ability to determine current and future needs for raw materials and semi finished manufactured goods and to control availability through efficient purchasing policies and just in time delivery systems.
Marketing and Export Development Ability to identify customer/client needs and relate them to products and services.  An ability to find new sales opportunities in the export markets of today's global economy.
Technical Sales Skills Ability to remember information on product lines and to learn technical information on new products combined with exceptional ability to present products and close a sale.
Customer Service Ability to work with customers/clients in satisfactorily meeting any of their service needs.
Knowledge of Product Safety Regulations Knowledge of government regulations covering production of various food and pharmaceutical products, and knowledge of safe laboratory practices.

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Technical Reading and Writing Ability to read technical documents and manuals as well as write instructions and procedures for a variety of technical processes and protocols.
Workplace Based Instructional Skills Ability to impart expertise to others through lecture or demonstration, using valid adult education instructional techniques as outlined in recognized train the trainer courses.
Blueprint Reading Ability to read and interpret detailed specifications.
Machinery Operation Ability to operate a variety of machine tools to cut or grind metals and composites to create parts for Manitoba's manufacturing industry.   The ability to operate Computer Numerically Controlled (C.N.C.) machines is a definite asset.
Workplace Health and Safety Knowledge of safe work practices and ability to follow rules to ensure safety.
Environmental Assessment Ability to conduct an environmental assessment in a number of interrelated skill areas including data interpretation, risk assessment and hazardous waste handling.


NOTE: In most occupations, there is a higher demand for individuals who have been examined and received journeyperson certificates or licenses in their trades e.g. welder, automobile mechanic, machinist, electrician.



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