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How Long Does it Take to Get an Accepted Student Visa to Canada?

It is quite important for a Canadian citizen to have IFA or International Student Admission Test (ISAT) as part of the pre-requisites for entering a university in Canada. There are many reasons as to why one needs to get this test. For one, it is used to check whether one has acquired the right skills and knowledge needed to be able to study in Canada. Without the test, a student may not be considered fit enough to join the University of Victoria, BC, or any of the other Canadian colleges and universities. Getting the test can make one's study experience all the more enjoyable.

In the past, you will find that there were no IFA test requirements for study in Canada. However, the recent changes in the Immigration Tariff has made it necessary for one to acquire the test in order to study in Canada. If you are a Canadian citizen who is currently studying in Canada, the first thing that you need to do is to secure an exam that will help you get a visitor visa. Once you have obtained your visa, you may then apply for the IFA.

The IFA test is available in two versions. The first one is the Computer Adaptive Language Automated (CALA) test, which is ideal for people who are aware of English and mathematics. If you have excellent mathematical ability, the Computerized Language Automated Test (CALA II) is the right one for you. The first test would need approximately 120 minutes to complete. As a result, students should ensure that they have adequate time available for taking the test.

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In addition, before taking the test, make sure that you have completed all the requirements needed for it. The first set of requirements would cover those subjects required for your University studies. Other requirements would cover Canada-related subjects such as health sciences, Canadian culture and immigration, and so on. After you have completed these requirements, you would be able to submit the TOEFL test, and once it is approved, you would be able to register for the exam.

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When taking the test, prepare well for it. One way to prepare is by taking the necessary preparatory courses. If possible, choose an institution offering the TOEFL prep course. You should also consider the type of preparation course that you should take, whether it is classroom-based or online-based. With online-based courses, you would need to download lesson materials or answer quizzes regularly, while classroom-based courses allow you to review the previous topics and answer questions immediately after finishing the course.

After you have taken the exam, you would not have to worry about taking it again for another four years. However, if you failed the previous test, you should go back to take the re-test. This is important, because failure in the first exam is one of the main reasons why many students fail the exam the second time. So, when preparing for the TOEFL test, make sure that you practice all the areas that you did not get enough practice time in the past.

Students who are eligible to apply for a visa to Canada should check with their schools to find out if TOEFL preparation is required. If so, then you should start studying for the exam as soon as possible. The key to passing the test is your ability to understand and convey the necessary information to the examiner. Make sure that you get a lot of practice answering multiple-choice questions and short essay questions. You should also study reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.

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While you are waiting for your results, you might want to consider getting some financial assistance from the Canadian government. If you do not have money to get this financial aid, then you should try to look for private scholarship programs instead. These programs are much more likely to accept students on the basis of their low scores on their TOEFL and their personal background. As long as you have a high school diploma or the equivalent, you can apply for a student visa to Canada using your Canadian visa number. As long as you have a job waiting for you after your visa has been approved, you should not have any problems getting the funds you need to study in Canada. As long as you have your passport and proof of Canadian citizenship by the end of the year 2009, you should be able to study in Canada without any issues.

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