How to Get Visa For Canada
how to get canada visa

How to Get Visa For Canada

How to get canada visa is not that complicated. There are only a few important points to be considered. If you have a Canadian passport, you need to apply for Canadian citizenship so that you are eligible for obtaining a Canadian visa. This is the first step on how to get canada visa. Once you have citizenship, you will be able to apply for immigrant visas.

Immigrating to Canada is not that difficult. You must first know the requirements of Canada. If you want to immigrate to Canada, you should check whether you meet any of the below-mentioned criteria or not. First of all, you must possess a Canadian Passport. Your passport must have at least one blank page and must contain at least one of the seven basic languages spoken by the Canadian people: English, French, German, Ontario, British and Manitoba. If you cannot speak or read any of the above languages, you must have your mother tongue documented in order to fulfill the language requirement.

If you are a member of the List A country, i.e. United States, Canada, New Zealand or Australia, you will not be allowed to work in Canada unless you have the consent of the employer. You must also possess a Canadian Work Visa. If you have a green card and if you wish to work in Canada, you have an option as well to get a permanent residency card. In this case, you will not be required to obtain a visa stamping in Canada. If you have already obtained a permanent resident card and want to work in Canada, you can apply for a visa.

On the other hand, if you belong to the List B country i.e. India, you can apply for a visa regardless of whether you are a permanent resident of Canada or not. Even if you are not a resident of India, you can still get a tourist visa if you possess the Indian language or if you can demonstrate fluency in English, Hindi or Tamil. A proof of income (usually annual) is required along with a attestation that you know the spoken languages of those countries.

In case of the third country, i.e. United States, you can get the best deal on the application of how to get canada visa if you enroll with a Canadian Immigration Consulting Service firm. These firms are specialized in assisting foreign nationals to successfully complete their applications for immigration into Canada. Besides helping foreign nationals, these firms also help Canadian employers in processing visa applications.

The main advantage of registering with a Canadian Immigration consulting service is that it will reduce the processing time of your visa application from a minimum of 14 days to just three days. Moreover, it will save you the hassle of travelling to the embassy of the first country you want to visit and enquiring about the procedure to get Canadian citizenship. The Canadian Immigration consulting firm will do this work for you. It is important to note that your decision on the eligibility of your visa is not affected if you choose this option. However, the consultant will help you fill the application form successfully.

There are many ways of how to get canada visa including getting the assistance of your family and friends. In this case, one has to ensure that the individuals who you are asking for advice or help are reliable and trustworthy. You can start your search for these persons through the local office of the Federal Government of Canada. This office provides assistance to persons looking for how to get canada visa. This office also conducts background checks on these persons before offering them the services of how to get canada visa.

However, if you want to find the quickest way of how to get a visa, then you should make use of the services of a private visa consultant. By using their services you will be able to find the fastest and the safest way to get a visa. Moreover, your application will be approved in a shorter time span. Thus, in less time you can get your visa.