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How to Legalise Immigration to Canada

Why do people from India seeking to get immigration papers require a Canadian visa? The main reason is that the laws of Canada are much more lenient than the laws of their home country, namely India. In fact, the rules are almost the same as well as there are no special laws applicable in Canada. All they need to do is follow the rules of the country and they would automatically be given the right to reside and work in Canada.

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Canada's Immigration Law clearly mention the right of immigrant, their residence, the eligibility criteria etc. It is very clear that the government of Canada does not want any abuse by people. So, they have strictly enforced their laws and regulations by stopping people from coming over the border and staying illegally. Also, many people have died in this country due to drowning in the sea while trying to cross the border illegally.

According to an Indian immigration lawyer, if an immigrant from India seeking to visit Canada gets a visa then he or she may still be eligible to apply for citizenship later on. This is possible only if the immigrant has not yet applied for Canadian citizenship. However, it is very much difficult to apply for citizenship after having already obtained a visa.

The process of applying for legalised residency in Canada is quite simple. One needs to fulfill the eligibility criteria which is quite many. Besides this, you also need to prove that you are not a criminal by submitting to the police department or the Canadian Border Services Agency a list of documents pertaining to your past record. You may submit letters from relatives or friends who have proof that you are trustworthy.

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Many people do not realise this but there are two types of citizenships in Canada. There are the resident visa category and the visa free category. In case of the first classification, as per the law you are granted full rights as a Canadian citizen according to the Immigration Act. On the other hand, when it comes to the second category, you are legally permitted to enter Canada but not allowed to stay for more than three years. So, you can also consider this option but you have to ensure that you get your visa before moving to Canada.

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There are many legal means available to an individual looking to legalise his or her status in Canada. This includes the option of seeking the assistance of an Immigration consultant. They can help you obtain all the documentation, application forms and the relevant visa papers. Apart from this, they can also organise your visa interview so that you do not face any difficulty during the process.

Another option available to you is the sponsorship by an individual or a business. This is done by putting forward your close relative who is a Canadian citizen or anyone who has a valid status in Canada. You may receive monetary contribution to sponsor your family member. However, there is a fixed limit on the amount that can be given to any one person. This limit is usually set based on the current immigration trends. There are many agencies and organisations that offer help to sponsor immigrants for the purpose of immigration to Canada.

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The third and the most popular option available is the sponsorship by a company. It is one of the easiest ways of obtaining an immigrant visa to Canada. This is because almost every agency or organisation that provides immigration services also deals in the sponsorship of immigrants. This means that they know the requirements of the visa and they can easily arrange for your visa once you approach them. Besides this, many companies also provide the option of paying for the visa of their client. This way you do not need to pay money to get an immigrant visa for yourself.

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