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Frequently Asked Canada Immigration Landing Procedures Questions (FAQ)

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Landing Procedures


11.1  When should I land following the issue of my Permanent Resident visa?

You must arrive within 12 months of having undergone your medical examinations.  The expiry date will appear on your Permanent Resident visa.


11.2  Can I have the expiration date of my Canadian Permanent Resident visa extended?

You cannot extend the validity of an expired Permanent Resident visa, nor can you obtain a replacement with new validity date. If you did not use your visas, you must reapply. You must pay new application processing fee. If you have already paid a Right of Permanent Residence Fee, you do not need to pay it again.


11.3  What happens when I arrive in Canada?

When you arrive, you must present your Immigrant Visa to a Canadian customs or immigration officer at your first port of entry. The visa officer will perform the check of  the information on the Immigrant Visa and Record of Landing (IMM 1000); check passport and other identity documents to confirm that each name is correctly spelled; verify that you intend to establish permanent residence in Canada; ensure that you have sufficient financial resources. If there are no difficulties, the officer will authorize your admission to Canada as a permanent resident.


11.4  Must I land at or near the location I indicated as my intended destination on my application form?

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You may land at any port of entry of your discretion across Canada. However, if your stated intended destination was not within Quebec, landing in that province without a Certificat du Selection Quebec may be denied. According to the Canadian immigration law  Quebec possesses its own selection criteria. Therefore, if you have not passed assessment under Quebec selection and attempt to land in Quebec, you may experience delays in the landing procedure, or refusal to perform the landing procedure in the absence of a Certificat du Selection Quebec.

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11.5  What should I arrive with when I land in Canada?

You must have a valid passport and Canadian Permanent Resident Visa.  It might be helpful to have an inventory of all belongings that you intend to bring in after landing, and copies of all the documents you submitted with your application.  It's also a good idea to have evidence of your settlement funds.


11.6  When must my accompanying dependents land?

Accompanying dependents cannot land before the principal applicant has landed.  The accompanying dependents should land with the principal applicant or after the principal applicant, but in either case prior to the expiry date indicated on their Canadian Permanent Resident Visas.



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