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Canada Immigration Letter of Acceptance

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Every applicant for a student authorization shall be accompanied by a letter of acceptance or proof of registration from the educational institution which the student will be attending.


The following list of items should be included in all letters of acceptance from educational institutions, submitted by students at the time of  their application:

  • Full name, date of and mailing address of student.

  • The course of study for which the student has been accepted.

  • The estimated duration or date of completion of the course.

  • Date on which the selected course of study begins.

  • The last date on which a student may register for a selected course.

  • The academic year of study which the student will be entering.

  • Whether the course of study is full time or part time.

  • The tuition fee.

  • Any conditions related to the acceptance or registration, such as academic prerequisites, completion of a previous degree, proof of language competence, etc...

  • Clear identification of the educational institution, normally confirmed through the letterhead.

  • Where applicable licensing information for private institutions, normally confirmed through letterhead.

The letter of acceptance from educational institution must show that the applicant will be pursuing a course of studies which meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • The course of study is at least six month in duration and involves at least 24 hours of instruction per week. The following factors may be included in calculating the 24 hours per week: laboratory time, library time, outside work or other assignments that can be considered an integral part of a course.

  • The course of study is given by a chartered college or university or by any other publicly funded institution.

  • The course of study is recommended by any department or agency of the government of Canada, or by a department or agency of the government of any province.

  • The course of study is incidental and secondary to the applicant's main purpose for being in Canada.

  • The course of study involves upgrading of skills or language training and is given at an institution that operates under a provincial or federal licence.

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