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Nafta Visas Tn1 Visas – Canada Visa IN
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  • It facilitates temporary entry for business persons who are citizens of the United States, Mexico, Chile and Canada and who are involved in the trade of goods or services, or investment activities.

  • It removes the need for a labour market (validation) for all business persons covered by the Agreement.

  • In the case of a Business Visitor, it removes the need for an employment authorization.

  • For Professionals and Intra Company Transferees, it expedites the application process by permitting of an employment authorization at the port of entry.

What NAFTA/CCFTA does not do

  • It does not assist permanent admission;

  • It does not apply to permanent residents of United States, Mexico and Canada.

  • It does not replace the general provisions dealing with temporary foreign workers.

  • It has no effect on requirements related to passports and identity documentation, medical examinations, safety and security.

  • It does not replace the need for temporary workers to meet licensing or certification requirements respecting the exercise of a profession.

  • It does not extend special privileges to spouses and dependents. Their entry is governed by the provisions of the Immigration Act and Regulations

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Who is covered by NAFTA/CCFTA Visas and Work Permits

NAFTA/CCFTA is restricted to citizens of the United States, Mexico, Chile and Canada.


Business persons included under the NAFTA

Business persons included in NAFTA/CCFTA are grouped under four categories:

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