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Police Clearance Certificates 


Every applicant, spouse and dependent, 18 years or older, is required to obtain a police clearance certificate from each country where they have lived for six months or longer in the last ten years. Applicants are required to contact the police or relevant authority and obtain the necessary police certificate or clearance.


In some countries, police certificates can easily be obtained from local police authorities.  Some countries do not provide police certificates.  In these situations, police and security information is obtained by the visa officer.  The visa officer will provide specific instructions to the applicant in most situations.


Criminally inadmissible persons include persons who have committed acts or omissions outside of Canada that would constitute a serious offence in Canada.  The purpose of the criminally inadmissible class is to refuse admission to persons where there is objective evidence of specific serious criminality that would likely result in a conviction if the offence was prosecuted in Canada.



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