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Representation Instructions 



Our Firm can conveniently and efficiently represent clients located anywhere in Canada and abroad on Canadian immigration matters. This page contains all the instructions necessary to quickly and properly retain our office. By using our Web site you save time, expense and paperwork. You do not have to wait for us to prepare and send a paper package. The goal of our firm is to help you get your immigration visa, non immigration visa, work permit or authorization quickly. We do this by using the Internet for as much of our representation as possible.

Engage our Services


Step #1 Identify the immigration visa, non immigration visa, work permit or authorization options available to you or your company by following the links on our Services. Carefully review our Representation and Communication FAQ. Make sure you understand and are comfortable with our billing.


Step #2 If your desire is to immigrate to Canada, file an assessment form pertinent to an immigration visa you are seeking. We offer Skilled Worker, Business and Family assessments at no charge to you, or schedule a Consultation. If you choose to engage our services for the matter discussed in your consultation within 10 days, the full amount of your consultation fee will be credited to the final installment applied to payment for your case. Confirm your choice of immigration visa, non immigration visa, work permit or authorization with our office by eMail after you received the results of your assessment. 


Finally, if you would like to retain the services of this Office please call us between 10:00 A.M. 5:00 P.M. (Eastern Time) or send an eMail, acknowledging your desire to be represented and including a Assessment Form with the overview of your current status or situation. We will review the information provided in your Assessment Form and follow up with you. You may also contact us for a Consultation with no further obligation. 

Step #3 Once

we determined that our Firm will represent you, you will receive a Retainer Agreement. The Retainer Agreement is specific to the procedure involved and differs according to whether the client is a company or an individual. The Retainer Agreement contains all the details of the process and a breakdown of the various fees involved, including CIC fees. Print out the Retainer Agreement we sent to you with the results of your assessment and fill out the blanks using your personal data. Send a signed copy of the Retainer Agreement to our office with the initial payment. Consider using overnight courier to expedite. After the Retainer Agreement and the required initial payments are returned to our Office, you will be given a Client Identification and Case number and your file will be activated and we will commence work with your file.