Who qualifies as an independent immigrant? A person with specific occupational skills and experience may qualify as an independent immigrant. You have to obtain sufficient points according to selection criteria. Points are awarded for factors such as age, education, experience, language abilities, relatives in Canada and occupational demand.Does it help to have a relative in Canada? Yes. Having a close relative in Canada increases your point score under the selection system. The relative must be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen aged from 19 or over. You must provide documentation to prove the relationship.What is the status of a landed immigrant? A landed immigrant is permitted to reside permanently in Canada therefore individuals who migrated to Canada are free to move anywhere in the country and settles or visit any province of Canada.How much does an Immigration Canada charge? Fees depend on the type of category you are applying and the number of applicants. For independent immigrants, the principal applicant and a family member who is 22 years of age or older or is less than 22 years of age and is a spouse or common-law partner must pay $550 CAN, and a family member of the principal applicant who is less than 22 years of age and not a spouse or a common-law partner should pay CAN for application processing fee.Plus  CAN for the Right of Permanent Residence Fee. This fee is payable by the principal applicant (with some exception) and accompanying spouse or common-law partner. Dependent children of a principal applicant or sponsor, a child to be adopted, or an orphaned brother, sister, niece, nephew or grandchild and protected persons, including Convention refugees are not required to pay this fee.Who is included in my application? If you are married or living with a common-law partner, either you or your spouse/common-law partner may apply as the principal applicant. Both of you should complete our Free Online Eligibility Assessment in order for us to determine which of you gets the highest points and should therefore apply as the principal applicant. The other spouse/common-law partner will apply as a dependent. You must also include on your application all dependent children whether they are accompanying you to Canada or not. All family members 18 years of age or over must complete their own individual application form.How long does it take to process an application? Processing times vary from 6 to 18 months. In rare cases it can take even longer. Well prepared applications presented at immigration posts with small numbers to be processed are sometimes issued in less than six months. Processing time may vary among visa offices and between applicants and on the fact whether or not one has to attend an interview. Please contact us to have your Free Assessment and to obtain professional advice.For how long is my immigration Visa valid? Normally, Immigrant Visas are valid for one year from the date of medical exams. The validity date is based upon the earlier of your passport or your dependants' passport validity date(s) or of the medical validity date. Immigrant Visas can not be extended once issued. If applicants do not use them within their validity, they must reapply for immigration to Canada.How much do you charge for your services? Our service fees depend on the type of immigration category you are applying and the number of applicants. However, our services are the lowest in the market. Further more, we are giving a written "Money-Back Guarantee" in the unlikely even that your file is not successful. We stand behind the guarantee and professional quality of our work. Please click here for more information about our services and fees.