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Canada is willing to attract foreign specialists with high qualifications who will be able to find employment in Canada and participate in Canada’s social life. To reach this target Immigration Canada developed a special category of Independent Class Immigrants.Most independent immigrants are skilled workers, who are expected to have the skills, education, work experience, language ability and other qualities needed to participate in the Canadian labour market. The selection criteria, known as the "point" system, focus on occupation, education and training, experience, age, and knowledge of English and/or French. According to the new Immigration and Refugee Protection Act came in force on June 28, 2002 , additional points are given if relatives in Canada are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, if applicant has Canadian experience or full-time study in Canada. The visa officer will give points for personal adaptibility, which includes aforementioned relatives, education of spouse, Canadaian study or experience and authorised job offer. A successful candidate must score at least 75 points out of 100.An application for permanent residence in Canada should be prepared according to certain rules and submitted to a Canadian embassy or consulate outside Canada. The family members of a successful candidate (spouse and dependent children under 22 years old) will also be granted permanent residence in Canada. Therefore, the principal applicant is not necessarily the husband. If the wife scores more points she should apply for immigration to Canada as the principal applicant and the husband will be her dependent.


Business Immigration Program was specifically developed for those individuals who have business acumen, entrepreneurial skills, successful experience and achievements in business, and who, as a result of their activity in Canada, will contribute to the Canadian economy. The Business Immigration Program currently falls under three categories of immigrants: Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-employed.


Canada announced a new Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) which came into effect on April 1, 1999. There is an increase in the minimum investment to $ 400,000 CDN for all investors regardless of the province where the capital is invested. There is also an increase in the minimum net worth required of the investor to $800,000 CDN. The immigrant investment is now secured by the provinces and territories against loss. The full $400,000 CDN investment is returned after five years and three months.Quebec: The province of Quebec selects its own investors and administers its own immigrant investor program. Quebec has agreed to harmonize its regulations with the federal program: effective April 1, 1999 there is an increase in the minimum investment to $400,000 CDN and an increase in the minimum net worth required of the investor to $800,000 CDN for applicants in the Quebec investor program. Immigrant applicants investing in the Quebec investor program must intend to settle in Quebec. Immigrant applicants investing in the Quebec investor program must apply at a Quebec Immigration Office and obtain a Certificat de selection du Quebec (CSQ).


At present those who wish to come to Canada as Entrepreneurs must demonstrate their intention and ability to establish, takeover or invest in a business which will make significant contribution to the economy of the country and will maintain employment for at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident, excluding the entrepreneur and his family. It is insufficient for Entrepreneurs to make a financial investment. Immigration Canada also takes into consideration successful business background. There are certain conditions that apply to Entrepreneur category applicants. They will have these conditions set forth on their immigrant visas - applicants will be required to prove Immigration Officials that they: have invested or established a business are involved in that business have created at least one other job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident Failure to satisfy these conditions within the two-year period after arriving can result in the removal of applicant from Canada. Unlike the independent applicants who are to have at least 75 points to qualify for immigration, the Entrepreneurs need only 35 points.


Self-employed category are those immigrants who intend and have the ability to establish or purchase a business in Canada. They must be able to employ themselves and their family members and make a significant contribution to the economy or the cultural life in Canada. The list names but is not limited to artists, sports personalities, actors.The Applicant has to pay the Immigration Fees (Processing Fee and the Right of Permanent Residence Fee) when submitting the Application for Permanent Residence in Canada. Processing Fee is non-refundable and the Right of Permanent Residence Fee is refundable in case the application has been rejected.
FAMILY SPONSORSHIPCanadian Citizens or Canadian Permanent Residents who live in Canada are currently eligible to sponsor for admission to Canada the following persons:
  • their spouse, common-law partner of the same or opposite sex, conjugal partner ;
  • their mother and father and any accompanying dependent children as defined in the Immigration Regulations;
  • their dependent children as defined in the Immigration Regulations;
  • a child they intend to adopt under the age of 19 years;
  • an orphaned sibling, nephew or niece under the age of 19 years and unmarried.
Sponsors are approved from within Canada and the sponsored relatives must meet basic standards of good health and character. Besides there are some statutory requirements for those who want to sponsor their relatives. If you have any named categories of relatives who want to be your sponsors, we would recommend you to begin with the free consultation with our specialists because there are certain peculiarities which demand professional assistance in processing such cases.


Applicant (business-category) $ 1,050 CDN Dependants (22 years of age and older) $ 550 CDN Dependants (under 22 years of age) $ 150 CDN Right of Permanent Residence FeeAll applicants 22 years of age and older (regardless of category) $ 975 CDN



Canada gives protection to a person when he or she is found to be a Convention refugee as defined by the United Nations 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees – those who have a well-founded fear of persecution in the country of origin. The motives for such persecution are categorized as follows: race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.Under Canada's Immigration Act, a person determined to be a Convention refugee by the Immigration and Refugee Board is protected from forced repatriation to the place where he or she faces a reasonable chance of persecution on account of his or her race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.


One of TIMS’ branches has a lot of experience in trade with Russia and the CIS countries. Our trade partners are interested in purchasing various goods of Canadian origin because these products are of the top quality. Among the goods supplied by our Company to Russia, the C.I.S, and other countries worldwide, we should mention construction materials, food products, meat and meat products, enamels, wallpaper, electronic communication devices. Canada is well known as the world leader in construction technologies. The panelized home packages which we sell to Russia are in demand.It is this experience that helps TIMS International Ltd. succeed in arranging and performing the business trips for those businessmen who are interested in finding out more about the possibilities of joint ventures. We will meet you at the airport, arrange your hotel stay and preliminary marketing research in the field you are interested in. During these business trips the businessmen will visit various companies and firms, meet with business consultants as well as with representatives of the government organizations involved in business immigration. It goes without saying that on your request we will help you incorporate your own business or take over a successfully operated business. If you register your new business, you will get our help in obtaining legal address, opening bank accounts and accounting services. In other words, after you have applied to us, you will become a business owner in three or four days.


Our Company assists those who want to study in Canada. Most international students are required to have authorizations to receive academic, professional or vocational training in Canada. Community college and university students may be issued authorizations, which are valid for the duration of their program of study. International students must show evidence of acceptance at an educational institution approved by the Canadian government and enough funds to pay for tuition and living expenses. These visas must be obtained abroad prior to an individual coming to Canada and Applicants are often asked to present sufficient identification and supporting documentation to visa officials and they must convince visa officials that their stay in Canada is temporary.The services that CanadaVisaExpress Inc. can provide for those who want to study in Canada include:compiled list of educational institutions approved by the Canadian government arranging invitation from the educational institution assistance in finding accommodation assistance in obtaining medical insurance The preparation of all the necessary documents can take up to two months. Applicants should consider it before choosing the course and the time when the course begins. As soon as the applicant has chosen the institution and paid for our services, we will send him / her the Application forms of the institution and the detailed information with respect to the chosen course and obtaining student visa.It should be mentioned as well that the students who are under 16 years of age should have the authorization from both parents.


The Immigration Act requires all visitors (with some exceptions) to obtain a visitor visa before coming to Canada. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have significant family, social, economic and cultural ties to their country of origin. Also, they must be able to prove that they have sufficient financial means to support themselves during their visit to Canada. Finally, applicants must satisfy visa officials that there is no risk for their visit to be overextended. 


Canadian immigration legislation provides an opportunity to receive permanent residence in Canada to those applicants who have got a job offer in the family business from their Canadian relatives.


If your application for permanent residence has been refused we may appeal to the Federal Court of Canada on your behalf to have your case reconsidered.


It happens quite often that applicants, who have prepared their immigration file on their own or have used the services of not very competent immigration consultants, get a refusal. we will help you to make a correct choice of the immigration category and prepare the documents for reapplication in order to complete your case successfully.