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Basic overview of this site:

Creation of this site: 2000
Number of daily visitors: 463
Weekly visitors: 3241
Monthly visitors: 14,383

All visitors are organic.

Top 10 key words:

1. canada immigration
2. immigration canada
3. immigration to canada
4. canadian immigration
5. canada immigration government
6. canada immigration law
7. skilled worker class
8. canadian immigration laws
9. canada immigration laws
10. immigration in canada

Links on the web: 996

How to best utilize this site: If you are in the immigration field and have experience with investors, work permits, intra company transfers, and permanent residency and you want to have a strong presence on the web. Also, this site gets a lot of usual calls with very specific questions.

History of this site: This website was started by an immigration lawyer who created and wrote all the content. He did a great job optimizing it and writing great content. He positioned the site to show up on very difficult key words (see above). The website also has a lot of content that deals with very specific cases. 

In 2007 this site was purchased by Immigroup, an immigration consulting firm. Immigroup owns over a half a dozen sites and has a wide network online. We also rent some of these sites out to other firms. Our intent was to broaden this network with an established site. The lawyer sold this site because he got out of immigration and into a new field of law. Immigroup made a great purchase but we are not getting the full potential of this site because we specialize in smaller applications (please see for more information). We knew this at the time of this rare purchase and we wanted to diversify our income by renting this site out.

Price: This will be set up as a bidding process with the bid starting at 9 cents per unique visitor a week. Long term leasing is preferred. We recommend that if you do not know a lot about search engine optimization and the value of this website that you contact a Search Engine Optimizer. They usually charge $60 $90 an hour; we also recommend that you let them know that you are not interested in any other services other than then the evaluation of this purchase.

The Arrangement:

First and last months payment must be made at time of purchase. This is a non refundable deposit.

This will include content changes to: profile credentials

Your firm’s name and phone number will appear on the homepage.

Other minimal home page changes are included. Example: Photo of your firm, and/or logo.

Additional Options

1. New web pages with content written by renter (only US/Canadian immigration related) Cost: $95/webpage (limited to 750 words) (Optimal)
2. Minimal changes to existing pages. Cost: $45/hour (Optimal)
3. The use of our research and content writing team; includes basic key word optimizing. Cost: $45/hour (Optimal)
4. If you also want to increase your visibility by using Googles AdWord program or Yahoo Search Marketing our firm can set up an account for you and maintain your account. Cost: $45 per hour. (Optimal)

Contact name: George Laczko
Please send all email inquires to: [email protected]

If you have any questions please call: 416 962 2623 ext: 222

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