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Ambrose & Pinsky is a Canadian firm that offers a full range of immigration services on line for clients in Canada and abroad, specializing in representing Businessmen and Professionals.  The Firm regularly assists Canadian corporate clients who seek to hire foreign employees as well as foreign individuals seeking employment in Canada.  Ambrose & Pinsky frequently represents Canadian Citizens in non immigration visa applications to the United States under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and has acquired considerable expertise with regard to the necessary procedures in this area.  Our proximity to the Canada United States international border and immigration processing posts enhances our ability to ensure prompt adjudication of visa petitions for our corporate and individual clients alike.


We handle both temporary work visas and permanent residence petitions for specialists and professionals ranging from executives, managers, health care professionals and computer professionals to artists and athletes.  In addition to assisting clients before Citizenship and Immigration Canada offices in Canada, Ambrose & Pinsky also assists clients in processing visas through Canadian consulates and embassies abroad.  The Firm's services include handling Business Class applications for clients in Investor, Entrepreneur and Self Employed Categories and subsequent after arrival business support of such clients.  Ambrose & Pinsky has extensive experience in processing of temporary employment authorizations to Canada in various sectors of economy.

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Our team is working in co operation to make an immigration process easier for our clients around the globe interested in living and working in Canada, understanding their problems and anticipating their needs, proposing relevant solutions and delivering them, staying knowledgeable of new developments in Canadian Immigration Law and keeping clients informed.  These are not only the attributes of a successful firm, they're the qualities of a true business partner.  They're the essence of Ambrose & Pinsky.

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We make the claim that you will not find any other firm that operates as we do. What distinguishes us from many other firms is our businesslike approach to solving our clients' problems.  We recognize that the most aggressive (and expensive) strategy may not always be the best solution to a client's problem.  We also recognize that most clients would prefer to spend less money to achieve the result they want than spend more.  In every matter we handle, therefore, we seek to identify the client's primary objective, design a solution to fit that objective, and then implement that solution in the most efficient manner possible.  We work closely with each individual client in strictest confidentiality to bring the very highest possible quality results for him/her that we can.  The success of our work for each client is the direct result of a gritty determination to be the very best at what we do.  If we accept a client, that acceptance comes with our commitment that we can and will fulfill his/her demands.

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We thank you for considering our services.



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