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Designated Occupations

Foreign workers in occupations where the protection of public health is essential require a medical examination. An employment authorization cannot be issued to them until they have passed the immigration medical examination. This applies to the following:

  • Occupations that bring the worker into close contact with people such as:

    • workers in the health services field, including hospital staff and employees, clinical laboratory workers, patient attendants in nursing and geriatric homes. medical students admitted to Canada to attend university, medical electives and physicians on short term locums;

    • teachers of primary or secondary schools or other teachers of small children;

    • domestic workers or live in caregivers;

    • workers who give in home care to children, the elderly and the disabled;

    • day nursery employees;

    • camp counsellors.

  • Agricultural workers from some countries.

Six month Rule

Applicants who intend to be in Canada for more than 6 months, and have resided in a designated country for more than 6 month within the year preceding their arrival in Canada, are required to undergo and pass a medical examination. The determining factor is not a citizenship, but whether the person resided in a designated country in the preceding 6 months. 


Medical Coding  

Medical results are communicated in coded form. The various codes indicate the following results:


M1Medicals passed, valid for the length of stay in Canada.
M2Medicals passed, valid for the length of stay in Canada.
M3Conditional pass. May change and, for visitors who remain in Canada, needs to be reassessed by health programs one year after first medical exam. Medicals expire one year from the date of the examination.
M4Medicals failed. Public health and safety concerns. No expire date.
M5Medicals failed. Excessive demand for services. No expire date.
M6Medicals failed. Severe public health and safety concern. No expire date.
M7Medical failed. Excessive demand for services. No expire date.
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