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High demand occupations Aboriginal Communities Manitoba comprehensive source of information concerning high demand occupations in Manitoba, Canada

High Demand Occupations Aboriginal Communities Manitoba Canada

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The following are skills and occupations required particularly in the Aboriginal communities and reserves.



Business Management Skills

  • Retail Management (Small Business)

  • Accounting Skills

  • Community and Economic Development Skills

  • Housing Property Management

  • Public Health Educator

  • Public Health Nurses and Health Care Aides

  • Teachers Aides

  • Social Worker (Family Violence Counselor)

  • Alcohol, Substance Abuse and Gambling Addictions Counselor


Certified Tradespersons

The following occupations are especially seasonal in northern Aboriginal and reserve communities and economic activities are heavily dependent upon the "winter roads" situation.  For example, if the winter road season is too short, this severely affects the ability to bring in raw materials for planned construction projects and will therefore impact negatively on the potential for employment in the "construction" trades.


  • Plumber

  • Electrician

  • Carpenter

  • Drywall Mechanic

  • Sheet Metal Worker

  • Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic

  • Motor Vehicle Mechanic


Other Trades:

  • Small Engine Repair (Outboard motors, chain saws, snowmobiles)

  • Heavy Equipment Operators

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