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Adoption is a process performed in accordance with the laws of a country other than Canada or any political subdivision thereof, where the adoption creates a genuine relationship of parent and child. The child must not be adopted for the primary purpose of gaining admission of the child  to Canada. The primary purpose should be to include the child into a loving nurturing family relationship.


Adoption is a provincial responsibility, persons who wish to adopt a child from outside Canada must first contact provincial adoption authorities. Once the adoption application has been initiated through provincial authorities and has been approved, the sponsorship process could be initiated.



A child to be adopted has to meet the following requirements:

  • for the adoption completed abroad, the child must be under age 19 and adopted according to the laws of the country of origin;

  • for the adoption completed abroad or in Canada, the child must be under age 19; and

    • an orphan;

    • an abandoned child whose parents cannot be identified; or

    • a child placed with a child welfare authority for adoption because he or she was born outside of marriage, has parents who have separated, or has only one living parent.

The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board (Appeal Division)  suggests that the following factors are considered in determining whether an adoption creates a genuine relationship of parent and child:

  • the sponsor's motivation to adopt;

  • the child circumstances;

  • evidence of ongoing communication between the sponsor and the child in the form of letters, telephone calls and visits;

  • the sponsor has had significant design making role in important matters affecting the child, including the child's education, religious upbringing and health;

  • the timelines of the sponsorship;

  • the sponsor's knowledge of the child's life and schooling;

  • emotional filings of the sponsor, and the desire of having the child join the family;

  • strength of bond between the sponsor and the child; and

  • preparations to receive the child.



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