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Skilled Worker Program Objectives

Section 3 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act lists several foreign nationals. Among those related to the skilled worker program are (1) to permit Canada to pursue the maximum social, cultural and economic benefits of immigration; (2) to support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy, in which benefits of immigration are shared across all regions of Canada; (3) to support, by means of consistent standards and prompt processing, the attainment of immigration goals established by the Government of Canada in consultation with provinces; (4) to enrich and strengthen the cultural and social fabric of Canadian society, while respecting federal, bilingual and multicultural character of Canada  



The applicants in Independent Class must have a minimum of one year of work experience in an occupation which included in General Occupations List, and then obtain at least 67 points which are granted  on basis of different Selection Criteria such as: age, education, language ability, years of working experience, family in Canada and personal adaptability.          


Who can be included in an application

Applications for permanent residence in Canada will include the principal applicant and all of his/her dependants as defined under "dependant" in Immigration Regulations.


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Selection Criteria

The 6 selection criteria are set out in the Immigration Regulations. The values awarded for each of the selection criteria will be "locked in" or protected. The applicant will receive the value current on the day the application was submitted and the fees paid. This will occur regardless of the day on which paper screening or interview takes place. Should a subsequent change in the values occur which would be to the applicant's advantage, the applicant may receive the benefit of the additional points of assessment. The applicant will not suffer from any decrease in the value of any of the selection criteria.

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Assessment of Occupations

The assessment of occupation will be conducted by an immigration officer to determine whether the applicant is qualified to work in the proposed occupation in Canada. The onus is always upon the principal applicant to show that he/she meets selection requirements. Informal CCPE accreditation could serve as an evidence that an applicant deserves to be coded to a certain occupation, and is capable of establishing successfully in Canada.



Independent applicants are inadmissible if they or their dependants are likely to be a danger to public health or to public safety or if their admission would cause or might cause excessive demands on health or social services. Independent applicants and dependants must be admissible to Canada under all sections of Immigration Act 19 relating to criminality and security concerns.


Selection Interview

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The Immigration Regulations provide immigration officers with a right to call any applicant and/or any of the applicant's dependants (whether they plan to accompany or not) for an interview


Selection Interview Waiver

Applicants who meet one of the following criteria would have an interview waiver:

  • if the information provided on the application form and accompanying documents clearly shows that an applicant will accumulate sufficient points of assessment to meet the 67 points pass mark;

  • if an applicant fail to accumulate sufficient points of assessment and have no chance of accumulating sufficient points during an interview.

Processing Times

The data based on our subjective experience in dealing with the different Canada's Visa Posts.


Frequently Asked Immigration Questions  

The set of the answers to the questions and problems which are experienced by most of the persons considering immigration to Canada. The section starts with basic questions concerning Canadian immigration and leads you step by step through the process.



The section for the persons searching for employment in Canada.



This section combines the links to the sites providing information about life in Canada, Canadian business, Canadian education and other relevant for the potential immigrant issues. 


Skilled Worker Assessment Form

You may fill out our free Independent Class Assessment Form, and we will provide an honest and objective opinion of your chances. 



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