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Minimum Educational Requirements/Alternative Credentials

Other Requirements



Baccalaureate degree (1)

Provincial licence (2)


Baccalaureate degree in agriculture or related science plus four years' of related experience

Licensing is required in New Brunswick, Alberta, Quebec. Temporary licensing is required in British Columbia


Baccalaureate degree in architecture

Provincial licence and certificate

Forestry Professionals

Baccalaureate degree in forestry or forestry engineering, or a provincial licence

Licensing as a forester or forestry engineer is required in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec

Geomatics Professionals (3)

Baccalaureate degree in surveying, geography or environmental sciences plus three years' related experience


Land Surveyors

Baccalaureate degree

Provincial licence


Foreign Legal Consultants

Baccalaureate degree in law

Provincial licence

Urban Planners

Baccalaureate degree in urban planning

Provincial licence

Senior Computer Specialists

Graduate degree (4) in computer sciences or related discipline, plus 10 years' experience in computer sciences



(1) a degree from an accredited academic institution in Canada or equivalent

(2) any document issued by a provincial government, or under its authority, which permits a person to engage in regulated activity or profession

(3) geomatic professionals must be working in aerial surveying or aerial photography

(4) a graduate degree must be at least a Masters degree from an accredited academic institution in Canada or equivalent. Academic equivalencies will be determined by the relevant equivalency services in Canada



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