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Frequently Asked Canada Immigration Application Procedures Questions (FAQ)

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Application Procedures


3.1  Where do I submit an application for a Permanent Resident Visa?     

You may submit your application along with supporting documents and applicable fees in any Canadian visa post of your chose. However, applications from outside the visa post's jurisdiction may be processed at a slower pace than those submitted from within the assigned jurisdiction of the particular visa post. 


The province of Quebec cooperates with the Government of Canada to select its own immigrants. The applicants are subject to Quebec's selection criteria, in addition to Federal medical and security clearance requirements. If your destination is the Province of Quebec, you must submit an application for a Canadian Permanent Resident visa together with an application for a Quebec Certificate of Selection to a Quebec Delegation of your region. 


The Business Class Immigrants submit their applications for Permanent Resident Visa at a Business Immigration Centres, located in the following dedicated Embassies or High Commission Offices:

  • Beijing, China

  • Hong Kong

  • London, United Kingdom

  • Paris, France

  • Bonn, Germany

  • Seoul, South Korea,

  • Singapore, Singapore

  • Damascus, Syria

  • Buffalo, USA

3.2  What documents are submitted with my Application for a Permanent Resident visa?

Applications filed under the Independent category generally include documents pertaining to the applicant's education, employment experience, assets, marital status, and an absence of criminal convictions. Business Class cases must be supported by documentation which corroborates an applicant's business/managerial experience. Applicants are required to submit statutory documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and certificates of non criminal conviction from each place of residence where an applicant has permanently resided for more than 6 months during the past 10 years.

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Certain visa posts currently implemented a "One Step" operating procedure. This refers to the perfecting of the permanent residence application at the initial stages, with the filing of certain requisite documentation and applicable fees at the time of application submission.           


3.3  In what language an application has to be made?

All documentation accompanying your application in a language other than English or French must have a certified English or French translation.


3.4  How long does it take to obtain a Permanent Resident visa?

Processing times are vary. Certain matters can delay processing of an application: incomplete or unsigned application forms, missing documents, insufficient postage, missing fees, unclear photocopies, documents not accompanied by a certified English or French translation, a medical conditions which may require additional tests, involvement in criminal activity, family issues such as divorce or custody, or failure to notify the Canadian visa office of a change of address.


3.5  What is a lock in date?

The lock in date is a reference point to freeze certain factors for the purpose of processing applications. Regulations in effect on the lock in date usually apply to applications submitted that day. Changes in regulations after the lock in date do not usually apply to applications submitted on or before lock in date. Therefore, no points will be lost if, for a example, the applicant's age or occupational demand points change during the processing of the application. A lock in date is the date on which a visa office receives a completed application form, with full payment of the cost recovery processing fees.  

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