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Immigration Visa Services


If you wish to retain the services Ambrose & Pinsky to facilitate your own immigration to Canada, one of the first considerations will be the category under which you should apply. We supply an overview of the various categories of Canadian Immigration as they are stated by department ofCitizenship and Immigration Canada, and which are open to applicants for Permanent Residence, as well as to those who just wish to visit Canada on a temporary basis

visitors, students, workers. Our online Canada Immigration Assessment is designed to enable us to assess your qualifications for Canadian immigration purposes at no charge to you. We will respond to you with an assessment of your eligibility, and details as to how to retain our office (including a schedule of applicable costs) should you wish to do so. Ambrose & Pinsky can represent you in your application for Canadian Permanent Resident status in any of the following classes:


The following list summarizes the spectrum of Canada immigration services provided by our firm: 


Immigration Visas


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Temporary (Non Immigration) Visas


Other Visas/Applications/Matters



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