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Employment – Canada Visa IN
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The Canadian government is currently issuing Permanent Resident visas to qualified professionals and skilled persons under Independent Category, who possess a variety of attributes including education and employment experience which are compatible with occupations open to prospective immigrants to Canada. While there is no requirement under this category to obtain an approved job offer from a prospective Canadian employer, our firm is actively involved in securing job offers on behalf of our clients who intend to immigrate to Canada. As part of your application for visa, an offer of employment may help your case and, in many situations, may even be essential.


We promote your skills to suitable employers in the city of your choice, and guide you through the interview and job offer process.  Our objective is to secure several job offers to provide you with options. Undertaking this job search service will help you attain the extra points necessary to ensure visa approval when you attend your immigration interview by demonstrating to the Canadian government that you indeed have marketable skills and are able to find employment in Canada.


Ambrose & Pinsky frequently represents Canadian Citizens for non immigrant visa applications to the United States under North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and  Canada Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA).  We have extensive experience in processing  temporary employment authorizations to Canada under Software Pilot Project which is established by Canadian government. If you are an IT professional and considering to retain our services to obtain temporary employment authorization (browse our fees), you may forward you resume and cover letter to us.  We will respond to you with an assessment of your eligibility, and details as to how to retain our office (including a schedule of applicable costs) should you wish to do so.

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See also  Employment - Canada Visa IN


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