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Canada Immigration Employment Authorization Exempt

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Employment Authorization Exempt


Regulation 19(1) allows for persons to enter Canada to work, or to carry on business or trade related activities without the need to hold an employment authorization. Persons exempt from employment authorizations under R19(1) are not entitled to take on secondary employment without proper documentation. Under R19(2), such persons require an employment authorization if they wish to become involved in a type of employment or occupation which differs from their occupation on initial admission.


The persons exempt of employment authorization are:

  • Diplomats;

  • Military Personnel;

  • Clergy and related workers;

  • Performing artist;

  • Crew members;

  • News reporters;

  • Buyers;

  • Sellers of goods and services;

  • Corporation and Union Employees;

  • Emergency services;

  • Athletes;

  • Judges and Referees international events;

  • Judges at Animal and Agricultural Shows;

  • Academic examiners;

  • Guest speakers;

  • Expert witnesses;

  • Personal servants;

  • Government representatives;

  • Medical electives;

  • Intra company trainees;

  • Convention delegates and organizers;

  • Business visitors under North American Free Trade Agreement;

  • Business visitors under Canada Chile Free Trade Agreement;

  • Students employed on campus.

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