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Ambrose, Pinsky is Canadian firm that offers a full range of immigration serviceson line for clientsin Canada and abroad. Our team works in co operation to make theimmigration process easier for people around the globe interested in living andworking in Canada. We can inform you regarding the latest changes in Canadian immigration law and ensure that your file receives the individual care and attention it deserves. We make the claim that you will not find any other firm that operates as we do. What distinguishes us most from our would be competition is the fact that we work closely with each individual client in strictest confidentiality to bring the very highest possible quality results for him/her that we can. The success of our work for each client is the direct result of a gritty determination to be the very best at what we do. If we accept a client, that acceptance comes with our commitment that we can and will fulfill his/her demands.


Our services include qualifications for permanentresident status, temporary employment visas, removal of visa conditions, and acquisition of Canadian citizenship. Ambrose, Pinsky frequently represents Canadian Citizens for non immigrant visa applications to the United States under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and have acquired considerable expertise with regard to the necessary procedures in this area. We have extensive experience in the processing of temporary employment authorizations to Canada. 

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