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How to Apply for Canada Work Visa From India
how to apply for canada work visa from india

How to Apply for Canada Work Visa From India

If you are planning to migrate to Canada, you must know how to apply for canada work visa from India. This is a serious step that requires thorough planning. You must gather all the necessary documents required for your application. These documents are the proof of income and residence, registration of identity, registration of employer and passport. The details mentioned above should be in order so that you can succeed in your application.

When you submit your documents to the Canadian immigration authorities for getting work visa, make sure that everything is in their proper place. The application package should be well presented. For instance, if you want to bring your family with you, include them in the application. Have your sponsor provide you with original copies of his or her passport, as these are the only documents that are original. Have a letter drafted by a lawyer or any other trained person and attach it along with the documents.

The main advantage of the working holiday visa is that you have more time to complete the application. In most cases, the processing takes three to four months. However, it varies with the case. The longer the duration of stay, the lower the processing time becomes.

The work visa is not issued on the basis of residence only, so it is necessary that you have proof of earnings. Your gross salary should be more than any of your previous jobs. For this, you will have to go through the documentation of your previous employers. The details can be found during your earlier visits to their offices.

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While you are studying in Canada, you have to show the Canadian authorities that you are maintaining a supervised job, which has been specified by them. You cannot work for another Canadian firm while you are studying in the country. Further, you will have to prove that you are enrolled in a recognized school. If you have the documents, you can even apply for how to apply for canada work visa from india. However, it is better if you contact the Canadian immigration authorities directly as they will provide the best advice regarding the procedure to follow.

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The documents required while preparing your application for how to apply for canada work visa from india include the passport or any other travel document, registration card or contract of employment, payment records or bills and a recent photo of yourself. Along with these documents, enclose a copy of your resumptive leave certificate. It is important to mention all these things at the time of applying. You will have to submit these documents before the departure for the purpose of crossing the border.

When you are aware of the complete procedure of how to apply for canada work visa from india, you should consult the Canadian immigration authorities. They will help you in the complete procedure of obtaining a work visa for the year 2021. They will assist you in accomplishing this task successfully. The process is fast and can be completed within four months from the time of submission of the application. You just have to visit the nearest office of the immigration authorities and fill up the application form.

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In the recent years, Canada immigration authorities have introduced some amendments in the previously approved rules and regulations for how to apply for canada work visa from india. It was possible to get a work permit for three years in the previous years. But now one has to undergo a special category interview for determining the eligibility for a work visa. You have to be very punctual in submitting your documents and attaining a approval as per the present rules. This can be done quickly through the online mode or through the mail.

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