How to Get a PR Visa For Canadians Through Express Entry

Are you wondering how to get a PR Visa for Canada? Are you a Canadian citizen currently planning to visit Canada? Well, it is not as difficult as it seems. There are numerous ways on how to get a PR Visa for Canadian Citizens easily. The best way to accomplish this is by knowing the different requirements needed for the application and procedures of acquiring a PR Visa for Canadians.

how to get pr visa for canada

One of the ways on how to get a PR Visa for Canadians is to do research on the various sites dedicated to immigration. There are a lot of these sites that provide the necessary information that would guide you in obtaining a Canadian visa. Some of these sites also offer the necessary forms needed for the application. They also offer valuable information on eligibility requirements and the procedure of acquiring a PR Visa for Canadians.

If you have already acquired a Canadian visa, then you may want to read the following information about the processing of your PR visa. Some of the information provided includes the application process, the formalities that you need to follow and the penalties. Other than that, it also provides information on the various documents that you will need for your personal history and information on Canadian citizenship by descent.

It is very important to remember several things while getting a PR Visa for Canadians. First, you should be above eighteen years of age. Moreover, you should also be capable of providing documentary proof that you have Canadian citizenship and you reside in Canada. In case you don't possess any of the mentioned information then you may proceed to apply for a PR visa only if you meet all the requirements mentioned. The entire procedure can take around six to eight weeks depending on the urgency.

Before you apply for a PR visa, it is also very important to get all the necessary information regarding the program. You should get the full name of the employer, his address and contact number as well as his employment status. The employment history will also give an insight of the person's previous jobs and he should be able to provide documentation pertaining to his past employers. If you have any additional documents, such as lease agreement, business permit or tax returns, you should keep them with your application.

There are several ways in which you can apply for a PR visa. First, you can approach the Canadian embassy in your country or the nearest consulate of the country where you intend to work. In case you are applying for a PR visa for Canadians, you should make your request at least six months before the deadline. Applying online is the fastest way in which you can obtain the visa. However, it may take several weeks for the consul to decide on the application.

How to get a PR visa for Canadians is not difficult but getting a visa in time is another story. Hence, you should follow the proper procedure as prescribed by the government. The process has been simplified after the introduction of the Express Entry and it has been proven to be very effective in processing of the visa. The application for the visa can be done through the Canadian immigration website or through the agent. However, there are several ways that you can make the visa processing faster such as using the Electronic Dependency Consolidation System (ECCS) and Express Entry.

When you submit an online visa application, the entire process takes place very fast. You get the notification within days of submission and you are required to submit all the required documents within the set time period. On receiving the application, the applicant is asked to sign the visa card immediately after receiving it. These are some of the most important details regarding how to get a PR visa for Canadians. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the economic program for as long as you can, you should apply for it immediately.