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Canadian Immigration Consultation



1. What is the Immigration Consultation?

Our Consultation involves obtaining and processing information in Three Phases: During the First Phase, we inquire about your personal background, education, marital status, particular set of factspertinent to your case and your goals and needs. In the Second Phase, we analyze your case by applying current Canadianimmigration law and regulations in connection with your particular set of factsand background information. In the Third Phase, we discuss your immigrationgoals and needs by presenting to you options that are available along with a time lineto achieve your goals.



2. Our Immigration Consultation includes:
Evaluation and discussion of your immigration goals, with focus on analyzing andexplaining all available options, and development of a custom solution for you.Canadian immigration laws and regulations are complex and are always subject to change.

An estimate of the time and expense involved in your specific case. Mostoften, our fees are fixed and are based upon the application of Canadianimmigration law against your particular goal. When we quote a fixed fee forlegal services, you have our assurance that fees will not escalate beyond theamount we quote.

Consultation conducted live by telephone or in writing by eMail.


3. Who benefits from the Immigration Consultation?
The immigration Consultation  is an excellent investment for anyone contemplating an immigration petition for matters including change of visa status within non immigrant visa categories,dual intent situations and applications, fianc?s,family members, or citizenship. Others who may benefit are those who are currently out of status or who may have violated the terms and conditions of their visas. No matter what your immigration goals are, anImmigration Consultation should be the first step in your case; a Consultation supplies you with critical information and on going changes in Canadian immigration law to ensure that youare taking advantage of all available opportunities and to avoid unnecessary delays.

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4. The Immigration Consultation fees:
A Consultation fee of US$100 entitles you to a Consultation by e mail or a 30 minutetelephone discussion. This fee must be received in advance before Consultation.  If it is mutually agreed that a longer Consultation is required, you will be quoted a rate at that time. A payment could be made by a credit card (Visa, or MasterCard) or by a "wire" to our US dollar account.  After the fee is received, we will book a Consultation on the day and time that is the best for you to discuss your immigration questions. The information you provide to us is held strictly confidential and will never be disclosed without your consent. Ifyou choose to engage our services for the matter discussed in your consultationwithin 10 days, the full amount of your consultation fee will be credited to thefinal installment applied to payment for your case.

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5. How can I book the Immigration Consultation?

If you would like to schedule a paid consultation to discuss your case by phone, pleaseeMail us to set a date and time for the consultation. You will also be asked to fill an online consultation form with some basic information, the filing of which, with your payment, will confirm your scheduled consultation. The fee for the Consultation has to be received prior to the Consultation is scheduled. 


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Contact our office to pay the fee and schedule the Consultation