Is Pte Accepted in Canada Student Visa?

Most international students studying in Canada are unsure about the status of their International Student Visa (ISIC) and Canadian Immigration. Many international students, even when studying at post-secondary institutions in Canada are not sure if they are eligible for an immigrant visa to Canada. Some students may need to wait up to two years to receive their visa card as they will not be accepted immediately upon arriving in Canada.

The majority of international students studying in Canada are usually eligible for immigration status after they have fulfilled the eligibility requirements for the Canadian immigration program. However, there are certain cases where a student visa is not accepted on the first try. There are two different types of eligibility criteria for study permits. One is the study permit that is available to permanent residents of Canada while the other is the study visa that is available to temporary residents of Canada. The study permit is easier to get approved for and it usually requires only an application fee and the relevant documents that are needed for the processing.

On the other hand, study visas are available to foreign students who do not meet the eligibility criteria for study permits. To get study permits, one needs to apply for them online through the Canadian immigration authorities. After submission of the application, it normally takes three to six months before the visa is approved. Once the visa is approved, one will be required to attend the specific school offering the courses for which he is applying.

In order to know whether one is eligible for an immigrant visa or not, one must check out the immigration program of the Canadian government. There are several web sites that provide the details of various immigration programs offered by Canadian government. One must note that there are separate visa programs for the study abroad students. Students who are studying in Canada under the International Student Program are eligible for the visa. Students who are studying in Canada under the private educational programs offered by colleges or universities are also eligible for the visa.

The first step is to check out the status of the visa. In case the visa has already been approved, one must proceed to the next stage. However, if the visa is still being processed, one should continue with the application process until it is complete. After getting a visa approved, one must submit his school fees or financial aid receipts along with application form to the nearest immigration office. After submitting this requirement, the processing of the visa starts immediately.

It is possible for one to get an immigrant visa approved if he is offering educational courses as a full time job. If one is presenting his credentials as a full time education student, it is important for him to provide proof that he is still attending classes regularly even if he is unemployed. He may need to wait for at least thirty days before the visa becomes approved.

There are certain requirements that one has to meet before obtaining the student visa. For one to be eligible for the study permit, he must be a resident of Canada for at least one year. The period of residence is the first year of residence for both the spouses and the children if they have any. Children of Canadian citizens who are below 18 years old may not get the visa. This is done to ensure the protection of Canadian children from recruitment by the non-native education centers.

To be eligible for the study permit, one must not have brought any dependents with them when he applied for the visa. He must have maintained a high school diploma or the equivalent for the five years previous to his application. Also, the student must have a computer with internet access at home and can use it to submit his studies electronically. Immigrants who are physically unable to participate in the online courses cannot apply for the visa.