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Frequently Asked Canadian Temporary Employment Questions (FAQ)



1.    General Information


1.1    What is a temporary employment authorization (work permit) ?

1.2    How do Canadian Immigration Authorities define work ?

1.3    Who needs a valid employment authorization (work permit) to work in Canada ?

1.4    What are the different types of temporary employment authorizations (work permits) ?

1.5    Who issues temporary employment authorization (work permit) ?

1.6    Who qualifies for a temporary employment authorization (work permit) in Canada ?

1.7    What is the Information Technology Workers Program ?

1.8    Who qualifies for a temporary employment authorization (work permit) under the Information Technology Program ?

1.9    What do I do first ?

1.10  Where do I apply to my employment authorization (work permit) ?

1.11  Who is included in an application ?

1.12  How long will it take to get my employment authorization (work permit) ?

1.13  Is a selection interview required ?

1.14  Who must attend a selection interview ?

1.15  How long can an employment authorization (work permit) be issued for and how can it be extended ?

1.16  Do I require a visitor visa to enter Canada to work ?

1.17  Can I change employers on the same work permit ?

1.18  Do I require a medical exam as part of my work permit application ?

1.19  Can my spouse or common law partner and children come with me to Canada ?

1.20  Does the Canadian government charge the fees for processing a work permit ?

1.21  How can I retain your services ?