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The Family Business program has been established in accordance with the Canadian government's policy of promoting the reunification of families in Canada.  It's objective is to provide Canadian Citizens and permanent residents who own and operate a business in Canada the opportunity of bringing to Canada a close relative to participate in the business.


This program expands the opportunities for family reunification for immigrants with relatives in Canada who do not qualify as members of the family class.  Currently this program is under utilized by potential immigrants notwithstanding the relatively high rate of approvals in this category.


Who is Family Business Class Applicant  

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Either your relative or his/her spouse must be a member of the assisted relative or Family Class categories as described in the Immigration Regulations.  Therefore, you can "sponsor" a relative that is not only a "family class member" but, also, "assisted relatives" that are:

an uncle or aunt,

a brother or sister,

a son or daughter,

a nephew or niece, or a grandson or granddaughter.

  • The job offer must be bona fide and offer reasonable prospects of continuity.

  • Wages and working conditions must be in line with normal standards for the occupation and area in which the family business is located.

  • The business must have been in a viable operating position for a minimum period of one year;  this restriction would be waived only where the job offer is associated with an expansion of the business or the opening of a new branch office of the main business venture where the latter itself meets the one year condition.

  • There must be a requirement about the job which clearly makes a relative a logical and common sense choice for the position, e.g. trust, close relationship, a working environment which involves unusual demands such as long working hours.

  • The prospective immigrant must have work experience and abilities which indicate he/she could successfully fill the position.

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