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Foreign Labour Policy


The objective of the policy primarily focus on the economic benefits accruing to Canada by fulfilling a legitimate need of the Canadian labour market.


The Government of Canada will facilitate the entry of foreign workers into Canada who can enhance the functioning of the Canadian labour market. This will be accomplished by encouraging the entry of suitable foreign workers who can create/maintain employment and career opportunities for Canadians; who have skills and knowledge not available in Canada; who can transfer specialized skills and technology or provide training opportunities to Canadian workers; who can strengthen the competitive position of a company operating in Canada in the international market; and or who can create or expand international opportunities for Canadian workers and Canadians in general.


The Government of Canada will restrict/exclude the entry of foreign workers who would have an adverse impact on the Canadian labour market; who cannot reasonably function in the Canadian labour market; who seek positions for which Canadians are qualified and available or could be readily trained; and/or who are inadmissible under other conditions.


Notwithstanding the above, the government will provide certain individuals or groups with the authority to work in Canada for humanitarian or compassionate reasons. The government will also admit foreign workers who are covered by one of Canada's international or reciprocal agreements or obligations or where the individual(s) will create social or cultural benefits.

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The policy on foreign workers permits the admission of foreign workers who meet Canada's needs while ensuring that Canadian citizens and permanent residents have adequate employment and training opportunities. The balance between these two objectives is reached by admitting foreign workers whose skills are in short supply and whose entry will not adversely affect Canadian citizens or permanent residents or where benefits will result from the entry of the foreign workers. Benefits may be economic, social or cultural.


Employment is either subject to validation by Human resource Centre Canada or is exempt from the process. The HRCC plays an important role in evaluating the need for foreign workers by encouraging employers to practice human resource planning, including determining if and when foreign worker recruitment is required.



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