How to Get Visa From India? – Learn About the Important Procedure For Canadian Immigration

Learning how to get Canada visa from India requires careful planning and evaluation of various factors. One must keep in mind that getting a Canadian visa is not an easy task, especially if you are new to Canada. Hence one must be prepared and have all bases covered. The first step on how to get canada visa from India is to secure your Canadian passport. This ensures that should the need arise for you to visit India, you still have a valid passport.

how to get canada visa from india

Next step involves in obtaining study permits. Depending on your educational qualifications and where you want to study in Canada this may require you to get visa. For example if you study at Queen's University (Queen's Campus) in Canada you need to apply for study permits to the Canadian embassy in India. These are valid for only two years. If you want to continue your studies in Canada after this period, you may need a longer visa. In any case, your education should be in an area of study that helps you to get a job in Canada.

Your third step on how to get canada visa from india is related to family matters. Whether you are a spouse or a parent, your children (if any) need special permission to enter Canada. You need to secure visa for your spouse and children separately as their status is different than yours. Similarly if you are bringing or expecting a child you will need to apply for a visa.

The fourth step on how to get visa from India is related to money and bank accounts. It is mandatory for you to open a new bank account. This means that you will need to provide proof of your income along with a current bank statement. If you have not received a job offer within the last two months, it is necessary to open a new account. In case you have a Canadian passport, you can use your existing account for the purpose.

Your fifth step on how to get canada visa from india relates to your registration as a visitor. You need to provide all appropriate information to the customs officials. You can also provide documentary evidence on how you reached Canada. In case you have a green card, you need to mention that also.

The sixth step on how to get visa from India is related to related appointments. This involves getting a confirmation from the customs department. It is advisable to take the assistance of an agent who can help you in getting visa faster. In case you are unable to proceed, you need to show the agent a letter that states that you are unable to proceed further due to certain reasons. This letter should be submitted to the concerned department and they will act accordingly.

The seventh step on how to get visa from India relates to private hire. The private hire person should obtain insurance for their self as Canadian citizens. This ensures that you do not fall into wrong hands while traveling in India. The insurance should be obtained from an authorized body in Canada. The name of the organization should be mentioned along with the insurance number when you are applying for the visa.

You should follow all these procedures if you want to know how to get canada visa from india. You can also go through some websites on the internet that deals with migration. There are various migration websites that allow you to know various procedures related to migration.

The last step on how to get visa from India is related to resuming your studies in Canada. If you wish to study in Canada, you need to clear the whole process of study visa. You can get visa fast if you take this course. In case you have cleared the entire course successfully, you can apply for a permanent residence card at the next academic year.

The above mentioned four procedures are some of the required procedures for those people who wish to know how to get canada visa from india. There are many other procedures that you must also follow. However, it is always better to be organized when you want to apply for immigration. Thus, you should keep all the necessary documents ready.

You can get the visa approved in a couple of weeks. If you follow all the procedures properly, you will be able to learn how to get the visa fast. Keep in mind that these processes are time consuming. Therefore, if you do not have sufficient time to be consistent during the visa approval procedure, you can consider the traditional method.